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  • Im willing to participate ib both building and fighting. However it seriously depends on time and a day (my vacation ends just this Friday sadly).

  • 0.6.1 Issues

    StFrancois - - News


    Server is offline atm, why?

  • Isolating the cause of the simspeed bug

    StFrancois - - News


    I have a feeling that this somehow linked with things being lit up - torches and big wheat ball. Recent drop started just when I lit up a big wheat ball. Need to test it more.

  • Okay, so today I tried to construct a thing which ended not so good as I expected. The thing looks like this: (Hidden Content) I made this thing on other MP server and few times successfully copypasted it there. For some odd reason, incomplete engine recieved lots of clang on this server and whole project had to be shut down. Unfortunately, VODs with the engine working are unavailable at the moment so I can't show you demolitions the engine makes. But stay tuned!

  • I have 2 opposite thoughts: 1. Yes please! Also tall square tile roof (like we have round one already) 2. Keen can probably include this into vanilla any time soon which may screw up everything.