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  • Red peaks found?

    LoruttoAlDente - - Miscellaneous


    Once there was chat about mythic red peaks of pure metal. Seems I found at least something like this. Darios A4 E9. Moving up the green between the two peaks you'll find a canyon in behind where I did some promising prospection: Pure red-white-grey rock of the finest. Area is difficult with long ways for daily needs and merely boring for castle building. No access to roads just stumbled over it and fiddled around here for some hours. Definately nothing for humble beginnings - will leave a nice c…

  • R.I.P. Land-of-Clang

    LoruttoAlDente - - News


    Oooohooohoh omnivorous power there it goes my beautiful castle... My suspect was that the bug has something to do with digging - my knowledge is zero. While digging I often noted the server to slow down, but as I saw that it happens as well when I'm offline didn't feel too much guilt ... Trading roots for stones resulted a very fair and easy deal and reduced mining needs to a third of what I saw necessary before. Remain ores to be mined deeply. So here we go again to the humble beginning's stone…

  • Mine just disappeared. Let him stand with the trader - maybe he died of being bored...

  • Hello world. Just logged in and respawned. Right next to me I found a clone of myself saying "Press F to interact with LoruttoAlDente"... my clone does not have much to say but remains even after restarting. So I pushed him towards the trader's post to have some company, poor guy seems unhappy... will restart once more, let's see how it goes with my alter ego.

  • Due to hardware I had to pause in ME for quite a while. So I'm a relict from times when the world was still flat and square, had many deers but no women... Quite soon I went on to try online game and survival. Found this server and the last 10 days of gaming worked really fine as it can and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope that server will last. Playing ME for a longer time I got used to changes and developpers fiddling, yes I learned to love it, though sometimes: Once upon a time ME had round pillars…