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  • Red peaks found?

    evergreenoak - - Miscellaneous


    Huh, seems like I set up camp in a mythic place on the last server, without even knowing about it) While hunting for treasure, I found a mountain peak packed with iron. And under a layer of iron-laced dirt and stone there was pure iron ore, totally red, with no stone streaks. I didn't even know something like that existed before that moment:

  • M.E. Review (+ final words)

    evergreenoak - - Discussions


    If a single server wipe screwed this man up so much, I shudder to think what realization about a concept of "The Great Wipe" aka death coming for us all sooner or later might do to his mind... I have always told that with both SE and ME you either go insane, or you achieve total Zen. Sometimes both happen, though... I'd like to conclude this with an aphorizm: "When you wipe, it's only your butt that hurts. When admin wipes, all of our butts hurt"

  • Sim speed bug strikes again! 10:03 GMT

  • Quote from McCooly: “Server is offline since a couple of hours. What is going on? Service Maintanance? Internal testing? ” Keen issued another client update today. So I guess our server wasn't presented in the server list, for it was outdated.

  • Had the same problem, only my doppelganger was frickin' immortal... It was creeping me out, so I shoved a sword in its face - which it totally ignored. So I decided to drop it off the wall, pushed it up the scaffolding and dropped it down - but it graciously floated through the air and landed on the ground, unharmed... Then I left it alone and gone harvesting. And when I came back, there was a loot bag. I guess this immortal bastard just starved to death

  • im back XD

    evergreenoak - - Your Feedback


    Oh,man! Along with that new pc and stuff, why didn't you buy a new keyboard with some punctuation symbol keys on it? Just joking. Welcome back)

  • Whitelisted Server goes public again

    evergreenoak - - News


    Awww, maaan... Back to 10-15min long waiting every time you join the server. Welp, I guess it can't be helped, though. That said, your server still remains awesome. You'll need something more than packs of server hoppers and mayfly players to drive me away

  • For the second day already, the problem with sim speed on our favorite server persists. In the daytime sim speed falls down to 0.12 max, for no apparent reason, and remains there until restart. When it happened yesterday, we all thought it was just a blip. But as long as we've got the same situation today, one cannot help but see a trend here. Is there something that can be done to prevent it from happening every day? If this trend were to go on, it would kill the server more effectively than cy…

  • Quote from Benito Boyardee: “I already miss it and it's been 1 hour. I'm a lonely man in a not so lonely world. ” And there goes our diplomatic mission (

  • A quick question, then: how long should be one playing to be considered for white-listing?

  • Sorry to use English, but my German is too limited, and I respect the readers of this post too much to use Google translate, however great it might be at this point. Human life is ruled by Chance. And it is by chance that I got on your server, as well. First, I watched a Youtube video about Space Engineers and said to myself: "I wanna play this". That was the first chance. Then, at the moment when I was bying the game, there was some sort of a sale going on, and I got a bundle SE+ME. That was th…

  • Sooo... I have joined the test server, and read in the chat there that the old server is gonna get wiped unless the solution for the low sim speed will be found. Correct me if I'm wrong, please: the whole idea about white-listing is postponed until there is info on the sim speed problem status, and after there is info, we have 2 options: a) the old server is fixed, resumed, and white-listed; b) the old server is proven to be beyond fixing and wiped clean. Until then the old server is gonna remai…