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  • Unable to join the Server

    Sam4 - - Discussions


    I am trying for an hour to join the server and I cannot. I see that the server is online with couple of people joined. Connection is fine from my I ban or something?

  • [0.6.3] New world: Land-of-Vigor

    Sam4 - - News


    Can you we increase the inventory?

  • Going on vacation

    Sam4 - - Absence / Holidays


    I am going to be away from 5th to 20th January but unfortunately the game allowed me to pay taxes only for 6 days. So if any admin could prevent my claim to delete, it would be much appreciated. Shad, I checked if i could give perimtion to the claim block but I could pick online from the players who were online that moment and you weren't one of them Location: Umbril Region F5 / D4 See you in 2 weeks