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  • And... now I’m going on vacation, so i will be offline for 3 weeks ( again ). Would be great if you can keep an eye out to my build and feed the cat C3

  • Hey guys, I'll be traveling for the comming 3 weeks and will not be able to login to the server; @Admins: could you please water my plants and feed the deer? C3

  • Fast Travel, to be or not to be

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    The only way you will be able to get trading going, is like what shad said, making resources hard to find or gather. - Flax/weat growing 8 hours instead of 2h - Having only 20% of current resource deposites - Deer spawning very limited again - Stone chopping down graded or extremely lowering tool durability But next to that you still need to know that you can traid at your convenient moment. For new players that is not so obvious. They start their thing with tutorial or basic research. If they d…

  • Fast Travel, to be or not to be

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    I follow the motto: if you didnt try, you should not complain. So lets give it a try. It will most definetly change the entire dynamics of playing on the server, as you loose much more time with ‘traveling’. And for making builds, that always feels horrible. Regarding trading: I dont know if that will happen. Perhaps in the beginning, but difficulty ofcourse is also that people you want to work with, have to be online. Agree with Maxwell that road blocks and such would be nice, however there als…

  • Show me what you've got!

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    Bakery of Bergenbos has opened its doors

  • Can we have StoneCeilings?

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    As long as there are voxels, there are enough materials

  • Depends on the biotome you are looking for it; Around the poles of the world, there is quite a lot of the iron stuff, but not so much of the tin and copper.

  • Poll: Coins mod?

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    No coins for me. (But i also dont care) I agree with JCDC. As long as their only function as a ingot subdivider, I do not see ‘use’ of it, only as a decoration and “another mod to download”. The coins from the trader mod had a clear purpose and some ‘rarity’ to it. These coins don’t. Hell, the world already takes 20MB+ to load, adding more mods only increases the waitin cue and strain to the servr(?)

  • Well, i hope they will make it possible in the future to move ie rope drums and such with the windmill Auto Elevator

  • 0.6 server mods?

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    So most probably not all mods that are used now will work with 0.6, so i guess it is likely that we need to load some new mods. What would be great to see on the 'new' world would be: - [PVE] Grid Protection System (hopefully deepflame has time to fix it? ) - Iron Bar/Grate - Made with Real Iron! > Finally being able to build that real prison - Yurand's Grass Planter > fix those paths you created with your handplow making them look as actual roads

  • World Name for 0.6

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    Land-of-Pandora For the inevitable huge can of worms, euhm Bugs, we are going to pull open with 0.6

  • Quote from GeSp_shad: “Of course the barrels are completely OP, but it took me 50+ shots within 2 1/2 hours to actually hit 5 times. ” I guess we did not see all of them. But getting that as perspective, I totally agree. Without the barrels things most probably got stuck. Keen, fix physics

  • That timer... Steff, you are HORRIBLE!!

  • Man, we almost forgot the most important battle item!…5bec611d4943b88103e3fb8b5 But again, I did have fun last night, but I also concur with Tenhur and Athelus in certain aspects of the 'cheating-dirt-barrels' They did too much damage in comparisson to the general ammo currently in the game. However, I think for the 'game' that we did yesterday, it was quite fine. In the current setup of the entire game, i think the whole point of the event of yesterday (and monday…

  • The aftermath It was fun people. Tnx for the great play! Short movie of the aftermath

  • Was traveling whole week for work. Will have a look at the doodle bit later today

  • Quote from Athelus: “ If you want to go with the presenting other dates option, I could knock up a google doc calendar or something if you want ” How about a doodle?

  • Shad, the 'whole' day is a bit broad for me; do you have a bit more particular time-slot in mind? Morning/afternoon/evening?

  • Yeah!! Thanks both! *Edit: Damn... That game just 'burns' my rig. Loading takes forever (10min+) and when ingame reaching certain areas.. Man, now I understand how the server would get stuck

  • Community Siege Event

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    Well, the one I now build I cannot compare, as it is the first design. But it was 'permanently' jittering when I entered the server yesterday. No issue the day when I build it. Aim was also off yesterday compared to thursday though it was ancored to the floor.