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  • Just my $0.02: No hammers or mallets on either team during the battle! As for needing more than one claim zone: I think we should still only be allowed one claimed zone. You can still build walls outside of it - you're still controlling where the enemy has to concentrate effort or expend resources trying to pass. And they won't have hammers to deconstruct it. You won't be able to *lock* the doors but they'll still need to clear space for siege works if they want them, or make their own gap somew…

  • Lords and Ladies, I hope I find you well. I come before you as a messenger of the faith; the true and stalwart must heed this call. image-proxy Make ready your provisions of war; the faithless settlements governed under the 'Sign of the Hammer' lie in a large valley in the north-east of Fareon (Region H3). It will be a long and arduous journey, but Latency will guide you. Secure a foothold and prepare military camps upon your arrival. Latency watch over you.

  • where to start :)

    NinjaPirate - - User Introduction


    Welcome, Nylen of Urwyne! There's no obligation to have any amount of experience or time to play, just dive in and have fun We have something resembling kingdom politics going on at the moment, so if you like to RP that sort of thing, that's perfect. A lot of the people here speak both german and english, so you'll fit right in I'm sure.

  • rip in peperonis

  • We don't want it to be MORE popular now, do we?!

  • Simspeed freezes are still an issue

    NinjaPirate - - News


    Dawid, it isn't financially viable to start another server, and to host one alongside the current processes would only exacerbate the issues everyone is experiencing, both ME servers and even the SE server. You say you would be okay with hourly restarts, but you would have roughly 40 mintues of play time at best, with 20 minutes between each session - and still every time a player connects (which would be very frequent with these restart intervals) you'll have a sizeable lag spike, as you curren…

  • Still no good news? On such a rainy weekend, too...

  • Finally finished Omsted's apparently cursed grain mill! (Hidden Content)

  • If this passes and the reset goes ahead, I suggest you set a pre-determined life cycle, so the player base knows when the next reset is coming and understands the longevity (or lack thereof) of their builds. That way, new players know exactly when to show up and how much to invest. I think the frustrations this time round stem from the relatively short notice, and a list of reasons that ultimately aren't guaranteed to resonate with everyone. Just my thoughts. As an aside, I object to your phrasi…