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  • Can do all kinds of varying teams with 4 teams. Example, Round 1 has team AvsB and CvsD. Round 2 is Winner vs Winner. Example, One round of teams AvsBvsCvsD in a 1v1v1v1 match. Final team with all flags captured wins. Example, teams A+B against C+D.In a 2v2 round. Example, teams A+C against B+D. 2v2 round. This is for the siege tornament(s) idea instead of just doing one tornament or one round. I will try to attend the equipment tornament early Sunday to get some practice in with my team since I…

  • I like the idea of 4 teams, with maybe 4-6 players each. Players I bring to the table are: p33f True Redd Frivolous Few thoughts/options for the event(s): - Name 4 team captains who are absolutely sure they can make the event ( sign up for team captain and win by votes ) ( top 4 with most votes win ). - Turn by turn, team captains choose players they want on their team ( that show up for the event ) ( First pick and order of choosing based on most popular votes ) ( teams will be distributed even…

  • And so, we shall go to war! Warn your leader you have started a war, and we intend to finish it.

  • You building a siege camp is an act of war on its own, and I defended my town by slaughtering you. I should declare on you and bring back the old crew of de Surda to lay waste to your town for threatening my little village. Now we can go that route, or we can forgive each other. You trespassed and I killed you for it, so in my eyes we are even.

  • Found this( check screens ) right outside my settlement, poor guy nearby (The Lonely Mountain) was slaughtered earlier today because of it. Seen him walking near that gate thinking he was trying something fishy ( maybe he was ). Later on found this guys bed in the forest, got a screeny of it and my castle in the distance. Maybe this is the culprit you seek? Maybe The Lonely Mountain is who you seek. Not sure, but someone was preparing a siege and the only answer is war!

  • MEDIEVAL-ENGINEERS.EU #1 has had a long life, and decided a server wipe is much needed. Here is a list of why. 1: It has a long download time. 2: Much of the world has gigantic holes. 3: Abandoned castles are everywhere. 4: A fresh start would bring new players to our server. 5: Mods requiring a new save would be implemented ( Gold, Silver and Coal ). 6: Many new opportunities would be available to our veteran players ( New areas, better planned buildings ). 7: We will get a starter town in the …

  • I apologize once again. Currently I'm at work for another hour. As soon as I can I'll get the server up and running. --Jonny Boy

  • Trading is Indeed fun

  • Fixed! Thank you for your patience --Jonny Boy

  • Banned for no reason?

    Jonny (Frivolous) - - Discussions


    You may have been caught breaking a server rule. I will try my best to prove your innocence, but first I will find out why you were banned. Please add me on steam for further discussion on the matter. Server Rules released! --Jonny Boy PS:

  • Sometimes when the server crashes it will have a bug that shows 1/20 online. To reduce server downtime, we have added 4 automated server restarts. Server Rules released! § 6 Server Restarts Planned Server restarts are at 3 am, 9 am, 3 pm, 9 pm (GMT+1) I apologize for any inconvenience. --Jonny Boy