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  • Just WOW... the detail is amazing. Very natural distribution of the building and a logic system. Love it!

  • RP -professions

    Silentfighter89 - - Discussions


    I like the idea of the role playing. I will actually join the server again, now that it gets reset. New Suggestion: I would suggest that the only thing that is limited is how fast stone castles can be erected. But I'm not sure how to achieve that. One suggestion would be that it takes longer to build stone structures. Either by reducing the effectiveness of the hammers (but it should only affect stone work) or by using more resources, or even better, both. Effects to be applied: - It should take…

  • Quote from Sicista: “You have my sword! (...and my axe, and my club, and my crossbow...) ” And I will be back to join at your side in our quest to please Fenrir...or which ever mythical beast we choose this time to claim ware against the unworthy. :-D. I will not have much time so I will try to help building and siege when I can.

  • Or at least one mechanical block that has a physics output. I'm fine that the mechanical blocks don't have physics but it would be awesome if they had a block to convert it back

  • Well if a castle get sieged, it means it is cut off from any supply line because it is surrounded by enemy forces. So therefore leaving the castle would be an instant death in a real siege. So I think it makes sense to not leave the save castle walls. I for my part will not leave the castle during a siege. 2nd in a real siege a castle defense has a lot less personal to protect the castle than the attacker has. There is a reason why a well though out castle is called a force enhancer. A castle ha…

  • I will join at 22:15 I have a sportlesson from 21:00 to 22:00.

  • I was wondering how the siege on sunday is gonna work / when and how to prepear for the siege? Should we build a siege camp? How many teams are there. If I'm correct, there are 3 teams. So I would suggest we do 2 Attacking teams vs 1 defending team. So per Castle one siege. I would also suggest we build a spezified siege camp near the Castels So the other teams can prepare there siege Equipment. How will it be moved from one siege to the other thoe rebuilding would take forever.

  • @GeSp_shad If you are online this evening, please visit us and we can correct what's wrong. It is not our goal to cheat. But when I finished building yesterday I didn't found that our walls are to thick...but may I'm wrong. Our outer wall should be one thick block in thickness. The smaller wall and the keep is not yet build and will be done in small walls.

  • Hei guy's I will be online tonight but it will be from 19:45 to 21:00 and then again from 22:20 to 24:00. I hope nobudy started building yet. Have some ideas how to go about it. But we have to discuss it somewhere. Do we have a Discort server available to share some pictures and sketches?

  • Jeh...If I got Tenhur rigt we are kind of the bad guys... and its written, (if I'm not wrong) that once he gets unleashed he will devour Odin and bring the end to the world...which kind of fits, because the event is taking place because of the whipe of the server map . But as Tenhur said we are open for good names.

  • I like north mythologie so how about: Clan of Fenrir ... (First born of Loky) Explenation:

  • I think 2 teams are sufficient. One because you are building on a siege camp and a castle...this way also in a bigger team you can split work and expertise. With 2 teams, the fear that one team is running out of people is much lower. Half of and 8 to 12 person Team is still a good number. Half of 4 to 6 People is problem.

  • If I have time I'm there in the "Circle" (Think bubble...Have to use the force on Tenhur to change the name..end of think bubble) ...but I don't have much experience with siege weapons. Made some experiments with Catapults (mainly double pullers, but never was very happy with the performance. The last thing I tried was a battering ram that fits true gates...I gave up on that one. Trebuchet's I never got my hand on...seemed to easy (Copy paste) With Castles I'm a little better...especially in ter…

  • Quote from Skyrider: “but double portcullis ("Zwinger") is ok? Thats most realistic! ” Yes, I would say that's more than okay. That's how it supposed to be. ( But only one drawbridge on the build)

  • @Tenhur, I wrote it down, software didn't work in the Office so I had time :-D. It's from the experiences I gathered during the sieges from KEEN's streams. Quote from Tenhur: “Can you see this happening? "Excuse me, coming through" *sigh* "guys there's a great big flipping ram in front of the gate how am i supposed to get in?". "No don't follow me in, it's not your keep". Other guy. "Not yet maybe" *katjung* "BLeghg" arrow in the back. ” Quote from Tenhur: “Wold a 1 min re-spawn timer not be a m…

  • Set up Siege camp against castle (each team has a castle and a siege camp near the enemy). The siege will take place at a predefined time for like 2h.) Each castle gets sieged in turns, not at the same time. Winning Capture the Flag on top of the keep. Spawning for the defenders Inside the guards house. (Should be marked somehow), no shooting out of the guard house not shooting in the guard house. Not adjacent to the Keep (protectors have to take the same way into the keep as the attackers do. (…

  • Wipe Land-of-Latency server?

    Silentfighter89 - - News


    Yes, but the Castle should be kept simple/ realistic and not too big. With a clear goal what to protect. Like a statue or something. A good Idea would be a real, well documented castle to build off. So everybody in the community can get a sense for how the castle should look like in the End without a lot of discussing around. I think during the community event, we should have the server as whit list. So people who join, know what's up. For the Siege machines...I'm a bit worried about clang and d…

  • Wipe Land-of-Latency server?

    Silentfighter89 - - News


    Whipe the server, and instead of everybody starts building from scratch, organice a castle siege with some presetup stuff. Or do some community creative builds to bridge the time. When 0.6 goes life back to standart with a fresh map.

  • Isn't that, what they supposedly fixed on the last update

  • Victory

    Silentfighter89 - - News


    The Arena is just amazing and the castle is very realisticly done. Loved the stream...hopefully we don't get overrun by new people again.