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  • RP -professions

    Timberwolf - - Discussions


    Quote from Timberwolf: “I usually don't spend 3 hours on ME each day, so chances are that I would require the carpenter to build for me when he's offline. Which means we'd either need a requisition system where we can queue job requests for when people come online, or we'd need to be online at the same time as them. Communal housing would somewhat fix the carpenter issue ” but there are other stuff we'd get in trouble with when we don't have enough participants. Imagine the blacksmith relying on…

  • Quote from GeSp_shad: “We already picked a spot for the castle/village and planned the basic layout. Check it out on discord. I will probably set up the server tomorrow evening to get started. ” There's a discord?

  • You'd be surprised what sappers can do...

  • Assuming the entire thing is done in survival, I'd be more than happy to set up a mining and/or woodcutting camp to help with resource gathering as I'm terrible at building castles. I voted "not interested in warmongering" as it entirely depends on when it happens. If I happen to be online and have the time for it, I'll join in, but I can't say I'm motivated enough to drop whatever I happen to be doing just to participate. (Likely I won't be able to participate in the actual siege anyway.)

  • Fast Travel, to be or not to be

    Timberwolf - - News


    I haven't played ME in months, and I'm thinking about playing again, although I'm itching to know what 0.6.3 is about. All I really have to say about the subject is that Fast Travel, or a lack thereof, will not affect my feelings about the server in any significant way.

  • R.I.P. Land-of-Clang

    Timberwolf - - News


    Welp, there goes...

  • @GeSp_shad A little head's up in case anything important happens on or to the whitelist server during the rest of the week: I'll be away from Thursday till Sunday. If my math is good, all my claims have been sufficiently paid for, but you never know...

  • Quote from Brusi: “Hello I would love to get back on the server. I played for past few days, made some progress on my castle in Levos F5 (Claimblock probably expired by now) I applied to join the steam group. So I hope I will see you soon on the main server ” I had Bluey secure your castle until you got around to reclaiming it. (the claim ran out)

  • Quote from GeSp_shad: “Quote from Timberwolf: “So the server I used to play on several hours ago is now invitation only while at the same time there are two public servers up? ” Yes, it is dedicated for a steam group now. You can apply there. The "second" public server is still the fake server which uses our name. Suckers . ” That's a bummer. Despite the latency, I liked the traffic. Kept the server alive. While a steam group would limit the traffic, the odds of having a populated server are muc…

  • So the server I used to play on several hours ago is now invitation only while at the same time there are two public servers up?