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-=Admin Bereich=-
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Channel Admin Channel 1
Channel Admin Channel 2
Channel Support-Center
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====== Willkommen ======
Client antonz
===Forum/Webseite Link===
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-=Gast Bereich=-
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Channel : Raum 1
Client is talking Magge
Client Mikks
Client TeamSpeakUser
Client VicceBooooiy
Channel : Raum 2
Channel : Raum 3
Channel : Raum 4
Channel Download/Upload Channel
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-=Community & Server Räume=-
Channel [spacer2]
Channel Space Engineers
Channel : Raum 1
Client cwoomio
Client Dragonlord2000
Client Guest
Client Ino Hezzers / Marcel
Client is talking sLn
Client waterspolle/Patrick
Channel : Raum 2
Channel : Raum 3
Channel : Raum 4
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Channel Medieval Engineers
Channel : Raum 1
Channel : Raum 2
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-=Private Channel=-
-= ! Info ! =-
Channel [spacer16]
Channel Road to Platin Anmeldung!
Channel Road to Platin Channel 1
Channel [spacer18]
Channel ATL Anmeldung!
Channel ATL-Atlas cooperation
Channel [spacer4]
Channel JJZ0ckt's Channel Anmeldung!
Channel JJZ0ckt's Channel 1
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-=Game Channel=-
Channel [spacer6]
Channel Call of Duty:
Channel Multiplayer
Client maxxaka
Client Pauli
Channel Zombie Modus
Channel World of Warcraft - WoW
Channel GTA V
Channel Counterstrike Global Offensive
Channel Landwirtschafts-Simulator 15
Channel Landwirtschafts-Simulator 17
Channel Landwirtschafts-Simulator 19
Channel Reign of Kings
Channel 7 Days To Die
Channel Empyrion
Channel Rust 1
Channel Rust 2
Channel WOT
Channel Euro Truck Simulator 2
Channel Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP
Channel StarCraft 2
Channel The Forest
Channel Sniper Elite
Channel Heroes of the Storm
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-=AFK Bereich=-
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Channel -AFK-
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Port: 9987
Version: 3.7.1 [Build: 1553759186]
Server OS: Windows
Channels: 79
Clients: 14/512
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