The Mead Hall

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    • The Mead Hall

      I Present to you.

      The Mead Hall (<-- dicord link)

      During the siege event I had set up a Dicord channel (on C3 request), it turned out to be brilliant move. Now after the event I have been contemplating what to do with the channel and instead of deleting it i have decided to try and make a server chat out of it, with the possibility for specific clan channels.

      The mead hall will caters to drunken ramblings, bar-brawls, speaking loudly, or plain old civilized conversations with a cup of tea and a raised picky. The things that don't belong in the mead hall is everything els. Shad and RKthegreat have both pointed out that the site needs visitors and clicks to remain in business so please understand the Mead Hall is not meant to do anything other than be a place where people can talk. Questions, complaint, discussions, remarks or anything pertaining the the server or the forum should not be there or and won't be answered other than your barking up the wrong tree.

      We (C3 and me) have ben fiddling around with the channel for most of the day and have created some clan/house specific channels. They are meant as a private place for house related talk and off limits to anyone els. If you have a house and want a channel please ask.

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