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    • !!! Server Rules !!!

      Today we release the first version of our rules.
      If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to post it.

      §1 Bad Language
      We do not accept or tolerate offensive language (racism, harrassment, etc).

      §2 Bugs / Glitches
      We do not accept or tolerate the abuse of bugs or glitches to gain an advantage.

      §3 Rules of Engagement
      Abusing one of these rules will result in a permanent ban.

      §3.1 Theft
      Stealing goods from other player's unprotected stashes will not be punished by server-law, as long as you do not damage or destroy anything and do not use/build large grids or mechanized siege equipment (max. 10 blocks, no catchblocks) to get there. Though, in order to steal, you have to have the intention to keep the loot for yourself. (see §3.4).

      §3.2 Raids
      We do not accept or tolerate attacks on structures when the owner is offline ("Offline-Raiding").
      If a player by direct or indirect means causes destruction (by using hand weapons only) allowing said (or other) players the ability to steal from a structure created by another player, that is considered a raid and needs to be declared by using the following chat command at least 1 minute in advance (example):

      RAID: I am at Levos B3/H6 and will raid player xyz.

      Raids must not take longer than 30min and you must not raid the same player again within 24h. Involved parties should always take screenshots of the announcements as evidence.

      §3.3 Wars
      Wars need a proper war declaration 72h in advance in this topic and in the #diplomacy channel with a @ping on our Discord server in order to attack. After that time, you are allowed to attack with hand weapons and heavy siege equipment, even if the player is offline.
      You must have major cause to start a war, such as crucial road blocking, past raiding, two houses claiming the same kingdom, religious conflict, sustained insults and disputes etc. The reasons must be declared and also the terms of surrender. I.e. you must say under what conditions the war can end.

      §3.3.1 Defence
      Players or Structures - such as siege camps - that are within the firing range of your castle's defense weapons can be attacked in order of self-defence using your stationary equipment only.
      This advantage applies only to the player who settled the area first.

      §3.4 Trolling
      We do not accept or tolerate trolling - such as random, meaningless destruction, theft, harassment or vandalism.

      §4 Activity & Server Maintenance
      Please place the current date in your house title or in the public information text field. (i.e. "House of Vikings 13.6.2017"). This will grant you 7 days to update the date further (Predating will not be tolerated)! In case of a longer inactivity, please post on the forums to inform us.
      Houses (= factions!) older than 7 days will be subject to deletion! Please keep in mind, that in case of a deletion, your alliances with other houses will be reversed, too.
      Your structures will not be harmed during this process (see §4.3).

      §4.1 Single-Member Houses
      Because houses affect the server performance and to have a better overview of the house list, single-member houses will not be tolerated and are subject to deletion, unless you have reasonable alliance businesses with another house. Use the public message text box in your house tab in this case.

      §4.2 Changing Steam Nickname
      If you want to change your steam nickname after you connected to our server for the first time, you must declare this officially in our forums. Because the game currently mixes up your old and new nickname, you will log in with both names. You have to do this, so we can sort out who is currently on the server in case of violating our rules.

      §4.3 Server Cleanups
      Abandoned grids will be deleted after 3 days automatically.
      To reset the timer the grid must either be claimed or visited by a player within those 3 days. You must not be further away than 1 area from the grid to reset the timer.
      If you are not able to maintain your claimblocks (vacation etc.), please post a notification when you will be absent and the exact coodrinates of your claimblocks, so that admins can prevent your structures from being destroyed or decayed.

      §5 Community
      Please register at our forums at and join our Discord server.
      This is very important because of server announcements and engagement messages (see §3)

      §6 Server Restarts
      Scheduled server restarts: 3:00, 9:00, 15:00, 21:00 (CET)

      Please keep in mind, that our rules are still a WIP. In case you are not sure, if you may violate one of the rules, please contact one of the admins or ask on the forums in advance.
      Furthermore, enforcement of the above rules is subject to aministrators' discretion, and the admin's word is final. Admins reserve the right to make a judgment if rules are being bent or worked around.

      Written by ZÆRO
      Uptaded by GeSp. | shad, in cooperation with NinjaPirate

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