Fast Travel, to be or not to be

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    • Oke If been trying to wrap my had around all that's been said and will attempt to give my view on the subject.

      Fast Travel: The removal or severe limitation I suspect will most likely resort Noobs staying around the spawn area (you see that happening now) and the few resources that are in the area will be stretched thin (also holes dug every where). More buildings closer together Lower FPS in that area (You get that in the starter town). I personalty will want to stay away from those places so will hike some way to find a more secluded section of the map. Others may do the same and chances are that at that point I'm playing a online SP game, not locking forward to that. But not gone write of the idea off right out of hand, lets try it first.
      Also there is no point to limiting the FT to 4 area's with a insane cool down. You can walk that easy. FT is for long distance if anything there should be a minimal fast travel distance if you ask me.

      Fixed Spawn locations: There is a bug that will spawn you at a or the starter location soI'm pro more fixed spawn locations just so you can spawn closer to you build if you get the bug. (I'm suspecting it has to do with being inside a cramped structure. Outside you are far more likely to spawn where you logged off). But not a fan of startertowns more blocks and structures means bigger save file faster. I'd personalty like to see One structure that haze most of what you need in it and a sensible block count.

      Claim on map: Don't have any real hard line opinion on this but not really keen on the idea. One, being able to see all the claims on the map looks nice and gives you more of a sense of not being alone on the map. Two, I don't think it will hide you from thief or grievers. It just means they will go after the most easy to find. Three, Being able to see that a structure and who is being attacked might be handy.

      Trade: No fast travel means moving about becomes a bit of a chore.
      Little story: Some time back I was in a house with a guy and on a fresh world we spawned at opposite ends of the globe. I decided not to rush getting there and do my research on the way. It was great fun I build a mobile home with all the trimmings and got all my research don before I got there. But it did take me about two weeks to drive a cart all that way. Point is I'm not gone want to travel far for a bit of flax or even a lot.
      Close together means your neighbors will probable have the same shit you have so trade becomes meaningless and most of the time will be for a cup of sugar or something.
      Lastly, I Personalty don't like the NEED to trade. I don't want to be dependent on any one for any thing. Especial if it's basic stuff. I will horde the shit out of that like winter is coming right now, Ask C3 and Emma.

      Rp: Gasp what is this Ahrrpee you speaketh off. I'd like to know what people consider Rp. Is it just identifying your self as the baker and trying to only sell bread. I mean good luck on that one :P Or is maybe it speaking in tongs. Or doing all the stuff the old fashion way. What do you (anyone) consider Rp? I personally like to adopt a main trade, like right now I'm the town blacksmith. (sure i'm building the town as well but he).

      Well that's my two Nobles.
    • GeSp_shad wrote:

      I will not force anynone to spawn or settle in a location where he does not want to. If one wants to participate in a community he can easily with this. If not, he won't either ways, if we have only one safe area or not. It just saves the time to get to the destination where you want to actually build.
      i've never mentioned forcing anyone to do anything. we currently only have 1 spawn anyway. the long term players will go off and do whatever they want but the new people will not understand the background and if there is only one spawn point they will naturally congregate in that area. the effects of which will be interesting. if you have many spawn points, they will spread around them randomly and the interesting thing wont happen. I dont see the contreversy of only having one spawn point, its not 'forcing' anything and its normal on a lot of servers.
    • After some reconsideration, I don't think hiding the claims is neither useful nor needed.
      A minimum range for FT is actually a good idea. I wonder if one could mod that easily.
      I do not plan to build an starter buildings for the next world -just put a spawn marker to fixed positions. And I hope Keen will fix that spawn bug soon. I think you are even right, that it only happens when you are inside "small" buildings. Happens to me most of the times when I log off from inside our Château.
      About the trading: I agree with you, that it will be either ways almost redundant, if people have access to the same resources, or a pain to travel farther away to get more valuable stuff. If we had some kind of professions, it would make more sense, as I said before. I.e. if only specific players have the ability to process certain items. I wonder if that could be modded, too. An algorithm, that gives you a "profession" when you join the server for the first time. But that would require a pure RP server, and is not gonna happen here.
    • The discussion has got sidetracked a lot, muddled in with a lot of other stuff and mis-interpreted etc. so for the sake of clarity, and because it keeps getting misrepresented THIS is what i proposed. nothing more, nothing less. its been talked about so much that what im being told i think often isnt anything ive said!

      We play with 1 spawn point in a mid pole to equator position (so not far to any major resource) and no FT. It will be interesting to see if this leads to more of a community developing, and more trade and player interaction. it will also make the game just a bit more challenging because a the moment its just creative with stone mining.

      Thats it. its an experiment. im not forcing anything on anyone, not saying we need strict RP or whatever. I literally said i wanted to see if that develops with encouragement from people who are interested. no new rules, no nothing. i just want to see what happens and do something different and if it doesnt work, we can just restart!

      Personally i disagree that people wont trade. If you have to walk 30 mins to get to copper, its easier to buy it from someone you meet in the middle as ingots, rather than have to go there, set up furnaces, smelt it yourself etc. there will be a real time saving from doing that kind of thing. people dont HAVE to do it, but it will be interesting to see if they do more.

      Anyway, its only my suggestion. we dont actually have to do it, but i think it would provide variety if nothing else.

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    • Apparently, you don't want to have any discussion at all, just a clear statement if we should do it like you have proposed it. I guess I will have to change my vote on the poll for it then. :thumbdown:
      What you clearly don't get is, that we are trying to find "the best"tm way to do a thing like that and as long as we are not in a rush we can discuss things about it, right? Because it would probably need some preparation work for the server, and I need to know it up front. Once it is started, I cannot change some things back and forth. (like spawn zones)

      EDIT: If it was me, I wouldn't have launched a poll before this topic was not discussed through anyway.
    • you really couldn't have misread me more shad. chill. i specifically wasn't saying we had to do what i said, i was just trying to clear up what it was i suggested. i have been constantly told i said or thought things i didnt.

      i literally said 'Anyway, its only my suggestion. we dont actually have to do it, but i think it would provide variety if nothing else.' in the post that you are taking as me saying the opposite.

      i cant believe the angst this has caused. i made a post trying to clear up what i meant in the first place, specifically saying that was only my take on it and never sayng that i didnt want a discusion on it and still, i am being misrepresented.

      So, like do what you want, its your server. i was only making a suggestion. literally. literally, stop reading into it so far.
    • Well but only 1 spawn will lead to:

      1. people complaining about having to travel so far to get to their wanted destinations,

      2. all long term players leaving the area because it is too crowded, and they dont wanna have so many newbies around

      3. an overcrowded spawning area with a hundred unfinished houses, beds, and workbenches and so many dug out holes around, that you cant even properly walk in that area anymore, hence nobody wanna live there
    • maybe? but as i said. its an experiment. i have no idea if it will work or not. but at least it will be different.

      also, i think given that every vote so far has been for no FT, that they wont complain about having no FT toooo loudly.

      Also as shad said about it, having all the noob builds in one place makes clearing up earlier! the 'main town' if one springs up, doesn't need to be literally ON the spawn.
    • The only way you will be able to get trading going, is like what shad said, making resources hard to find or gather.
      • Flax/weat growing 8 hours instead of 2h
      • Having only 20% of current resource deposites
      • Deer spawning very limited again
      • Stone chopping down graded or extremely lowering tool durability
      But next to that you still need to know that you can traid at your convenient moment.

      For new players that is not so obvious. They start their thing with tutorial or basic research. If they did some game control studying they perhaps will chat, but look at most of newbies: they come online, build their supports and basic walls and dig ugly holes. Perhaps they stay, mostly leave again if the ‘core player group’ is not responding in the chat, if they even would chat already...

      Regarding the community thing:
      It is all about trust. Who do you want to live close to? Exaclty > people you trust.
      How often do you do you accept someone in your house when they ask in chat if they can join someone? > trust

      Where are you going to build/start -> not too close to others as It could be an agressive player -> dont wanne live close and find out.
      Experienced players will always have a bit of mistrust against new players. And new players that do not take effort to get to this forum or actively participate on Discord will never get part of a “community” in anyway and player interaction will still not happen in a way you would like to see it.

      Only way to get interaction is willingness of people. You could try to force it, true, but that will “frustrate” some (new) people away as well. And there comes the question for Shad like, you want to have a server to facilitate a small core group of players that really put effort in the social part of the server community as a whole (server, discord, TS, forum)
      Facilitate a server for anyone to play at and have fun in their own way, griefers/trolls included.

      From the reactions of Shad I know the answer is option 2 ;)

      (Whoops... my 2ct became almost a whole euro xD)
      Communication is the key to everything 8)
    • Well, me personally would like to have that kind of community, that is settling next to each other. But I just cannot see this happening for the entire server.
      If you want to "force" people into all the mentioned things, we should make it on a seperated server, but I don't think that's a good idea either. It will split player groups and would require more even more menpower and work...
      I don't know either. I would like to make the game harder and more interactive, but that's currently not really realistic, I guess :/ .
    • I haven't played in a month, just jumping on to pay tax and then go off, and it's getting a bit tedious at this point; However excited for the upcoming 0.6.3, should be great, happy ME, try to provide to the player base with major updates instead of small ones that don't provide much over a longer time period, and makes the player base unhappy. But for the server, wanted to know when the wipe is, as I've mined the resources around me and now kind of rely on paying with stone for tax instead of Gold or Silver, or other raw materials. It would be great if we could get some sort of a wipe before the major update.
    • GeSp_Maxwell wrote:

      We will have the wipe right after the update.
      Concerning today's update announcement (final update to 6.2),
      it will probably be next week.
      Let's hope so, hopefully we get a slight peak at whats coming up; What would you suspect is in the next major update?
      I hope they add different stone wall variations to match the different biomes, or build styles, or hopefully they can add seasonal effects, like snowing, raining, gales, sandstorms, bring the world of ME to life really. And hopefully those effects can have an outcome on your buildings and overall infrastructure, making you keep and eye on things, or snow can stack on the buildings in the snow biome when it snows.
      Or Hopefully they bring back the AI workers, so we can this time use the AI to gather resources for us and transport as we build our castles or cities, something which would really bring the world to life, by adding working peasants, which you can equip with tools or weapons. And we have to use the gold ingots to make currency and pay them, but to make it you'll need to research minting and establish a mint.
      OR... Maybe they managed to create water and they're implementing it into the game as we speak ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)