Can we have this mod:

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    • Can we have this mod:

      I would like if this mod (realistic torch) is added to the server.

      This mod effect Torch, Wall Torch, Torch Stand and Brazer.

      What is does?:

      - changed the color of the light.

      - reduced range and intensity of the light.

      - no white smoke.

      - increased intensity variation.

      so no light in rooms that dont have a torch
      more medieval feeling
      and last but not least if you come from a distance its really beautifull instead of one bulk of light.
    • GeSp_shad wrote:

      The "vanilla" torch just got an update that reduces the yellow light. I haven't seen it yet, but the mod, and I don't like it. As realistic it might be, it's just too damn red and hurts my eyes (sry khaver, I guess it's your mod :P ).
      You can't please everyone, right? :)

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