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    • Just had a little learning experience that you can file under "that's use full to know". I upgraded the counterweight on my trebuchet from 30ton to 45 and all of a sudden I started getting collision problems. I tried solving it by putting in a rest beam for it to collide against but that only made it worse so i put a bend in the arm so it swung free, and that solved it.

      Doesn't look super pretty but i can hit Emma's place now :P (Cill, just teasing)

    • And the second trebuchet tower is done. this one has a 75ton counter weight but doesn't seam to outperform the 50ton by much. If doped this one Thor's hammer. It can hurl a large stone 13 sectors so multiple stones or heaver loads should be no problem.

      Made a wishbone main arm so the counterweight can't collide. seams to work fine but now the rope drum is acting up. Starts to go all jittery. gone try to add a second rope drum and work with tearable rope for release.

      Instead of an rotating platform this one has a spindle sticking out of the floor. gives it a cleaner look. that spindle has a second catch block a floor down, more than double what the 50ton has and much more stable.

      The apparatus on the side is a gun sight that lets you line op the trebuchet with a compass heading more easily.

      Edit: if you can see the image under here it's a crap photo but i can't seam to get rid of it.
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    • Rkthegreat wrote:

      You know you can do the weights also in crates btw as counterweight, easier to adjust and place than what you currently have
      Yea, that and dirt works just as well but seen as these are more fore show and proof of concept i figured, why the hell not. On the first one i used creates of iron ore. Not as dense as solid iron but real easy and saved you the trouble of having to process it, plus looks nice.
    • GeSp_Maxwell wrote:

      I was thinking the same, but at Baraz Dum, weren't theere more mountains on the left from 3rd building? coincidence or is it really the same spot. Was it like the biggest iron mine in game Tenhur?
      There was a whole mountain range to the left. And there was an really really REALLY big rich iron mine there it was almost harder to find rock. Also there were trees and some farmable land, all you could need right there on a mountain.
    • With the end near and this being post 100 I want to show off some of the build's by The Golden Brotherhood. Featured here are the works of C3ntron, Athelus and myself.

      Welcome to the Rock.

      We start out with the first building to be fully build and serving as crafting location and storage building for our gold. The Bronze Fort Build by Athelus and Tenhur.

      Then one of the biggest builds, Atheluses Goldsun Abbey. This building has it all, large rooms, a great dining hall, grand courtyard with golden statue, counsel chambers, a library, personal sleeping quarters, high towers and long winding hallways to get lost in.

      Wood is needed for just about anything and everything and when you're in the desert you find out how easy it is to take a readily available sours of wood for granted. We had clear cut our little oasis on the first day and the trees weren't growing back as fast as we were used to. So we needed to travel farther afield to gather wood. To make that less of a chore I decided to build a cabin in the woods. I called it a A hunting cabin. Fortunately it served it's purpose as wood cutting area better than what it was named for because we only managed to kill two deer there.

      Back at the Rock Athelus, C3ntron, Xiscon, and myself build build some more buildings to fill out the Rock and to make it more like a village. First on the menu was a rotary farm. Later a dedicated grain/flax mill and storehouse were added. Build by C3ntron.

      Next a lumber mill build by Tenhur. Next to that a smithy Build by C3ntron.

      In the mean time, after finishing of the abbey, Athelus started work on the village. This side of the village features a number of small houses (yes you heard it right Athelus can build small) with some nice architecture and detailing. Unfortunately only this side of the road got don and the rest will never get finished.

      With most of the necessity's taken care off I could start work on my own little project. It was my intention to build a small house with a little 3x3 courtyard with some rooms and such, but above all not to big. Well I failed at that, how quickly plans can change.

      The house has a large dining room, library, masters bedroom, servants quarters, crafting room's, large guest bedroom, kitchen and the courtyard features a yard with fresh exotic foods.

      One last little hypnotic picture.
    • Well, i didnt get to finish my main build area. the plan was for a complete block across one of the valleys leading into the north anchored with a castle at one end with all my storage,crafting, living quarters etc. and at the other end by an unassaliable citadel/watch tower on a mountain. across the middle would be a wall/bridge with a huge gate. The caste is valley pass castle, the citadel is the devil's fingers and the gate would be the NordGatte.

      The castle is 80% finished, the keep doesn't even exist yet which makes the whole thing look quite weird and flat.

      the devil's fingers is 20% finished with only the biggest (the skytower, 1 of 5 planned towers of various sizes) nearing completion and the wall/bridge/gate i just threw up a token effort just now thats not even worth pictures. i will finish it in SP creative to see its full glory later. so its more the devils middle finger than the devil's fingers but nvm. think pyke, with a series of towers linked by bridges and other suspended links. in an area almost impossible to bring seige equipment to, with about 6 layers of defence and secret underground tunnels allowing me access to outside, it would have been a fearsome stronghold and would have made an awesome seige location.

      anyway, there are some nice features already worth showing. my builds are deliberately rough and functional, as befitting the north men and their supposed background. mid/late north European medieval. wooden houses, Keep and bailey castle with round towers and squat thick uncovered walls.

      Valley pass castle:

      The great hall of the northmen:

      (With shrines outside to the first two lords of the north)

      This is the clans feast hall and the throne room of the lord of the north.

      The 'don't go' Inn. our pub/boarding house/kitchen. very pleased with this build, it has some nice features as well as being very practical.

      Tap room

      Roof top terrace with a lovely view

      The windmill/lumbermill. very happy with this build, it looks great and works really well. the double sided windmill is very compact and efficient in terms of construction.

      The devil's fingers would have been a mighty citadel. all that is complete is the sky tower with its bridge entrance and a barebones curtain wall. shame, this tower is very neatly constructed inside. could have been taller but ran out of time.

      Overview of the whole site showing the scale and distance.

      I'm throwing the gates of the castle open and leaving it. so if you want to come and visit before the wipe its umbril A1, come and explore, go where you like, access all areas including the craftily hidden vault etc.