Server Wipe #6 & Server vs. Server Castle Siege Event

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    • Server Wipe #6 & Server vs. Server Castle Siege Event

      The current world was lasting quite long, and that's with the massive starter town and builds like Emma's huge cathedral. But for the last few weeks, the server was more or less a wasteland, so we decided to wipe it as soon as the next big update 0.6.3 goes live. Unfortunately, that will take another few weeks, since it won't be released today, nor the next 2-3 weeks approximately.

      Though, the server will be still wiped very soon, because goes to WAR to fight the guys from the US Valanor server. We will most likely to a castle siege event like we did it back when we were waiting for the 0.6 release. Some things have to be figured out yet, but we will host the event on our server, so prepare for a wipe and all of you are invited to pariticipate in the upcoming event: Build a castle and a siege camp together and bring fame and honor to these lands! :thumbup: