Server still consumes lots of memory

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    • Server still consumes lots of memory

      I am going to swap scripted mods over the next few days, to see if it will improve memory usage on the server. I will start with the Apple Trees mod, so they will be gone Server messages mod. If it's not the cause, the mod will find its way back in and I will continue the procedure.

      EDIT 1: Since the Server Messages mod is currently out of order:
      Admins do regular house/faction and grid cleanups on the server, so make sure to keep your house up to date and your claimblocks paid!
      EDIT 2: Server messages and MOTD are fine. I will remove all mods that requires the Extended Equipment library for the next restart. That means, the Armory, Hats and War Banners mod will be gone.

      EDIT 3: Extended Equipment mods seem to be fine. Tomorrow, I will remove Re:Core, Re:Plant and Stori3D's voxel painting mods.

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