Unban Appeal: ElMucho

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  • Unban Appeal: ElMucho

    ElMucho, aka: Mucho.

    First most importantly lets understand the situation with which both parties argued about:

    First both sides argue that the individual who set up a claim block that being, NinjaPirate set up his claim at the Kingdom of Umbril in region (C,4) (B,4). ONLY 2 grid places away from Mucho. Evidence: i.gyazo.com/3008ee37c52a36f772295a029778ad9f.jpg

    Then secondly the Ool Protectorate and Ironborn coalition argue that his (ElMucho's) assault and multiple warnings led to Mucho's preliminary ban (No evidence provided)

    After third most importantly, Mucho argues that the settlement was a provocation by Ninja, after which Mucho politely asked him to move "just two grids" which he provokingly told him to "toddle off" while insulting him and then directly told him to "f*** off". Which quite well, Mucho argues back with a rhetorical question. "isn't it insulting?" which is in fact against the server rules for use of offensive language and harassing Mucho:
    §1 Bad language
    We do not accept or tolerate offensive language (racism, harrassment, etc).
    The result from violating this rule is a permanent ban.

    Furthermore the rule states that violating this is a "permanent ban" but not such thing befell NinjaPirate, they claim to just "let it pass" evidence -> (i.gyazo.com/4fa608945a864feb6b94911e81a9e2d4.png) Evidence: steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net…217B273CDA480BBBC648A69C/
    Moreover evidence of insults directed at Mucho which proves it's not a "</RP>" type of insult as he (NinjaPirate) argued: steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net…5FCE31D8BBD81B1E1C7CE67F/

    Fourth most importantly that the other party argues is that the reason for his ban is :
    §3 Rules of engagement
    Abusing one of these rules will result in a permanent ban.
    Which apparently Mucho did so, but to ban a person permanently for such a reason evidence is needed. As this is restricting a player; prohibiting from being able to access the server they've played on and dedicated a lot of time into. But no such thing is provided by the the opposing party which argues that it's the testimony of the Admins which stands due to being active and online at the time of the situation, which I respect and I agree with, but to permanently ban a dedicated player with a clean background can be quite absurd with no evidence provided at the time of the event for other people to analyse it, and secondly banning him on Discord to the point where he's censored from using a platform which isn't even associated with in game rules is also quite absurd to the point where the person has to access only one way to get an unban appeal and that is through the forums, (but that is a whole other topic).

    On the other hand although I argue evidently of the situation and I've taken matters into my own hands of demoting him (Mucho) in game from Jarl to Thrall or maybe even Huscarl, and having a conversation about server rule breaking on the fact of the issue raised here. https://i.gyazo.com/3f29c956e3861a33f4a59a1f9475cfce.png . But it's an issue which needs further evaluation. And if it was my opinion on why Mucho's ban was unfair, one could also argue that some proceedings by letting some issues "pass" might be an outcome of biased attitudes, but that is an issue which I don't want to engage in and I don't care. Even though admins were aware of the issue of rule breaking.

    I would like for the admins that have banned ElMucho to reconsider their ban and make a further assessment on their choice as ElMucho who has been banned for breaking rules (permanently) also provided evidence of another player who this rule breaking was directed also quite evidently has broken server rules but has been let off with a "pass".
    This appeal is not to direct a further assessment of a instant unban but atleast make it a temporary ban for Mucho, allowing him to reread the rules and learn from his mistake while giving him another chance, which I quite believe he deserves. And for his action and being his leader in the Sæfyorðing Varangians from our name we apologise to the staff for their query with the situation and Ninja. Although Ninja broke server rules, I wouldn't want anything against Ninja, but at least a future unbanning of one of my dedicated members, ElMucho. And I think other member would also agree Mucho's actions can be agree my multiple people were unacceptable, but can also agree Ninja's use of words were too, but all can agree that people who have shown potential and dedication should be allowed a second chance, rather than a complete permanent ban.
    (Also to clarify all the arguments put fourth are what I've gathered from both parties and what I've learned from analysing the situation with the evidence that I've reviewed)

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  • As an added part, i told you on server i wanted El Mucho his opinion, not yours, he can type and tell his tale better than a person who wasn't there (some SS which show a snapshot taken out of context don't count)
    He made the mistake he needs to man up and write his own appeal, if he could have done that and acknowledge his mistakes i would have taken him back with a severe warning for the future.

    I think its quite fair that a person fights their own appeal.

    (Also most know me and my potty mouth, bad language like "fuck" uttered once, by your picture is not considered by the admins as racism or harassment.)
    Do you think honor keeps them in line? Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace? It's fear! Fear and Blood!