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    • RP -professions

      The Admins/moderators and some others have been discussing some things about RP professions for next save and the trying to limit the research a person can do or what role he can take.
      For example the Farmer can't also be a blacksmith, he is able to maintain simple bronze/copper tools and make them, but that would be it.

      Also we are thinking about build options, should every person has all build blocks availible to him or are the more defensive stone structures limited to a more miltary focused guy who doesnt have any of the real craft skills, or we maybe have real builder focused profession.

      Some professions that might pop up are:
      - Miner/smelter
      - Blacksmith
      - Miller
      - Farmer
      - Brewer
      - Soldier
      - Builder
      - ....

      We like to hear your thoughts on this, like what professions do you see as being there and how would you think it should work, or do you think that limiting research should just be done by player self restraint.
      Do you think honor keeps them in line? Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace? It's fear! Fear and Blood!
    • Hi, this is Albert,

      I don't like to be kind of killjoy here, but Idoubt it will work this way. Ok, basically it will work, but I doubt ppl will participate for long, since there is nearly no excitement in this. In all my years of doing Rp-gaming ... I had to face .. ppl get bored very fast, if you just do ordinary life rp-ing with them.

      Lets say, I'm a Miller. And so I'm going to a Metalworker or Blacksmith to sell him my flour .. to get some Metallparts in return. Ok, but Mr. Smith says, "Good man, what am I supposed to do with the flour? I need bread." And what if no one is playing a simple baker. Ok, I can go to the Tavern, and ask the Bartender to make some bread from my flour, and then sell it to the Smith.

      Of course, you can regard this as rp-interaction. But this will become boring very fast. I can garantee you .. after some days, especially, when the Miller and the Innkeeper aren't online ... the Blacksmith will make his bread himself. End of Story.

      I know, this isn't Dungeons&Dragons. But when I think back on the time, when I started here on this server, and Valgarr and his Vikings have been active .. we're all felt at least a kind of pressure on us. And for good rp, there have to be some necessities. This can be all kinds of threats - like barbaric Raiders, evil Cults, thieves, a conquerer .. or economical necessities .. something everyone needs to get in his fingers.

      Besides .. regarding professions .. I can think about way more medieval Jobs:


      .. and so on

      I would prefer to give the people more options ... instead of restrictions.. thats in most cases more productive and supports their creativity.
      Thats why we plan to build a little Town .. where all kind of stories could be set up.
      For good exciting rp, its not necessary the game-engine can depict everything. Imagination and commonsense is what's needed.
      However, from all my experience .. keeping the players on self restrict gaming .. will only last for a couple of days .. Think about it. What if the Miller is bored to death, And decides one day ... building a Castle would be more fun to do ...
    • My idea would be

      Barkeeper/hostel warden

      and actually the question is, if people should be allowed to place all blocks by themselves which probably makes sense
      otherwise you always have to wait for a carpenter/architect to place the blocks for you.
      or, for special purpose we could add stone masons to place stone blocks.

      My idea of implementing it all, is to block the initial quests for all players, so that RP guys get all the researches in job-dependant scrolls and
      people who want to play normally will get the initial scrolls from admins/mods, so they can start the quests again.
      Switching your profession or switching to RP would be a bit stupid though, as it would require an admin to delete the player profile first
    • I think people can do their "role" professions as a farmer for example with all research unlocked, they just need a bit of self control to not do it all by themselves, or not to do the research they dont need.

      Thats what i was gonna do for myself.
      Do you think honor keeps them in line? Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace? It's fear! Fear and Blood!
    • From my point of view, and from what I heard of my comrades so far. There is less interessest in RP-ing in the beginning. Everyone wants to build first; and later do RP. Buildings can tell a story in some way. A Temple, a Ruin of some sort. Or a Town.
      I was hoping you guys (the Ironborns) are going to raise a Kingdom or Dutchy and a town in Bar Hadur. And with us KGB (we would rename that house later, or create two Houses for RP-purposes) doing the same in the neighborhood .. we would have an opportunity to play (methaphorical spoken) the RP-ball to you, and you to us.

      exciting rp needs a bit of storytelling and for this some backround is needed .. its not necessary to setup all details from the beginning .. but we've heard already some stories about gods (Latencia and Clang). Maybe another rival-religion (for a god named Voxel would be good.

      And of course you need some ppl playing the "bad guys" ... hopefully the Vikings, but if not ... maybe you (the Ironborns) should consider doing that.

      I'm quite certain about two things ... if you try to do this with restrictions ... the players will quit. But if you can make it exciting ... with threats and some well placed mods (how about an Vendor that gives those advanced bandages for silver) Something that gives Gold and Silver real value ..
      And if you can manage to make rp-ing realy exciting, the more ppl want to participate.
    • I want to be a small reclusive clan in Bar Hadur, not part of a faction and not friends with anyone, basically we do not like - and distrust - strangers. We do almost no trade and chase off any intruders coming near.
      It does mean that I need at least to be able to gather wood, build in stone and do limited miner/smelter/smith (for instance only iron, not steel). But I do not need farming, fancy furniture, hunting, any of the other roles, and I can do without a windmill.

      Is that still within the 'role' idea? I like the idea of being a strange secretive clan.

      If a mod prevents this, I will go sit right over the border next to Bar Hadur, and mostly participate in the RP-ing except for this part of it: I know myself well enough that I need to be able to do my building without constantly having to wait for people coming online to cut wood for me, or make me a new hammer. And I don't think I will be happy if I have to do iron mining 4 nights a week because that is my proffesion, and I need to use the iron to hire people to place my blocks for me...
    • Another thing, that came to my mind .. regarding ME

      not to be taken totally seriously:

      Let's say .. a man with a fortified Tower and a Farm can call himself a Knight, or a free Noble.
      A man with a Castle can call himself Baron
      A man with Castle, and at least one Village(more than 2 Houses) and some BorderTowers, can call himself Duke

      A man with a Mill can call himself a Miller/Baker
      A man with a Church can call himself Priest/Bishop
      A man with a shrine somewhere underground, or in a labyrinth or within any sort of strange construction can call himself evil cultist ^^
      And a man with some kind of strange machine could soon being burned for practicing witchcraft ^^

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    • I must say that I do agree on all points that Albert pointed out.
      Having two neutral clans in the beginning would be interesting and polarizing in terms of aquiring new lands or recruiting new players and making history.
      A third party like Emma suggested would be a great addition that might make mischief between the other parties.
      I'd suggest not to introduce any restrictions and people simply have to decide on their own what they wanna do with the RP. There will be some RPed restrictions within the clans ofc, depending on the clan's internal policies.
    • Sicista wrote:

      I am all up for the idea, but some ppl just want to build and dont get involved in the whole rp thing. No need to limit the research for those players.
      I would have to strongly agree with Sicista's point, this would tremendously limit the resources people can work with, and not everyone's able to raise a large dedicated base of members to acquire the following RP roles, which would disincentivize people to invest their time on ME.EU.

      I would have to strongly disagree with the suggestion of RP roles, although a somewhat interesting suggestion. But this I would say, myself is one of the preliminary reasons to why I didn't proceed playing Life is Feudal: MMO. As it was the restrictions and limitations on certain aspects of what one can and can't do, which ultimately led to a fall in popularity for the game in the long-run, and is why ME, stood out more than LiF.

      Furthermore, this, would not only harm solo, players, but would also limit the player to one specific role in the world, which in turn would limit him from expanding and developing due to restrictions, making everything, really mundane. Which arguably would make the player more disinterested in their role and their part in the clan or world, for example someone who doesn't like being a Smith or a Farmer, but can't build because there's already a better designated personnel for that task, is now limited to a certain role.
      If people would like to engage in such roles, and would use this to their advantage for political, social and economic gains for the sake of RP in ME.EU, they're free to do so, however without infringing on their capability of one day building a castle, when they get bored of their role, which again. Highlights the flexibility of this amazing game, which shouldn't ever be ignored, but praised, and as a dedicated player since the release from day one, i stand by this, and is the prominent reason why I love this game.

      Yes this is good for RP, and it would saturate some aspects of work for large clans or groups, but the fact is that, with such a small player base that ME has of dedicated Medieval fans, it's hard to promote RP roles, to allocate player bases to limit popular roles.

      So, to an overall conclusion I'd think that this addition of RP roles, would be a damaging addition to what ME stands for, and that is Engineering and ingenuity, something everyone has the right to nevertheless of preferences, to limit this, and this would go against the principles of Space or Medieval Engineers.