Banned for no reason.

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  • Banned for no reason.

    Hey, i just got informed and banned by Maxwell for destroying a claim block. I did not destroy any claim block or personal and claimed stuff.
    I mean... seriously? why should i do a second mistake and get banned. That makes absolutely no sense.
    But now to the situation:
    I logged off on the 29-08-2018. Last thing i did was to show Duckian a spott where he could build his tower.
    Next time i logged in and saw a big platform on top of the mountain with a huge wooden structure. obviously a trebuchet, so i climb all the way up to check it.
    Made some screenshots after climbing up.

    During my exploration i realised that this area got a name but no connected claim. so i was wondering if its just expired. I went downhill, back to my claim and ask Tenhur about it.
    Tenhur did check the claim for me. To see if the claim block has been broken or something. After few minuts he came back and talked to me in local chat. (Chat conversation screenshots)

    For sake. Seriously guys. Why should i do another mistake. Thats absolutely ridiculous and would be like suicide. I know exactly that everything can be tracked back, but did they realy investigate correct? I dont think so.

    Feels like a hard insult to me to call me a raider the second time. Even tho i did nothing wrong.
  • Hey,

    I apologise for the ban, it was me who called it and Maxwell was acting on my behalf.
    I had another look into the logs today, and I was overseeing that the grid already was unclaimed before you got there.
    Tenhur was talking to me about that situation when you asked him if you could claim the area, but I had a stressful day that day with lots of things going on and Tenhur was feeding me with fractured information on different matters - I simply misinterpreted his and the logs' information.
    This shall not be meant as an excuse though, I take the full blame, the moderators acted properly.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience and will undo your ban immediately.


    P.S.: You are also welcome to join the Discord Server again.

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