got banned.

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    • got banned.

      few days ago i started to play on the server and very first time i was spawned in the sea, near ship. it was in open sea, without any crew on it, with anchors down but not in claimed area, so i was able to remove anchors with hammer i found onboard and captured it. later i dissassembled that ship for parts.
      today i was banned for that..
      i think it's missunderstanding. i found nothing in rules about floating objects capture or theft.
      i ask admins to revise this ban, please. and maybe change rules to be more clear.
    • Hi Artasan.

      No there was no mistake. You were banned for needlessly destroying someones work.

      Stealing goods from other player's unprotected stashes will not be punished by server-law, as long as you do not damage or destroy anything and do not use/build large grids or mechanized siege equipment (max. 10 blocks, no catchblocks) to get there. Though, in order to steal, you have to have the intention to keep the loot for yourself. (see §3.4).

      §3.4 Trolling
      We do not accept or tolerate trolling - such as random, meaningless destruction, theft, harassment or vandalism.

      You sited some crock about nobody being on board. If the lack of people in the area of a bit of loot is what guided your moral compass to take it for yourself and destroy what ever is in the way then we have no compulsion to change anything about your current status. You can't expect people to be online all the time and absence of people (how ever convenient) does not mean you can go dismantle something that is no small investment of someones time.

      We thank you for pointing out a loophole in the protection system however.
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