Grid Cleanup - Important!

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    • Grid Cleanup - Important!

      Since the server is restarting once in an hour now, it's time for an action. I was thinking a lot about it and it is very unfortunate that grids connected to bendy rails are not considered as one, continual grid, but I think the best solution is still to do a cleanup for unclaimed (large) grids to keep the server alive.

      To those who maintain a railway-network
      This will require you to build temporary claimblocks along your railways, where you have structures that are divided by bendy rails.Technically, you don't have to pay those temporary claimblocks, since they come with an initial 30 min of free time and the cleanup won't take longer than a few minutes.

      In other words:

      Unclaimed large grid cleanup:
      Tomorrow, Sunday, 23.12.2018, 21:00 CET - All unclaimed large grids will be deleted.I will try to do the cleanup as soon as the server booted up at 21:00 CET, so make sure you have your temporary claimblocks set up at this time with at least the 30 min free time left on the clock

      Unclaimed dynamic small grid cleanup:
      Thursday, 26.12.2018, when-I-have-time-in-the-evening CET - All unclaimed dynamic small grids (including ships, trains, carts) will be deleted

      P.S.: if you need help to set up your temporary claims, let me and/or the @Moderators (Discord) know with the exact coordinates of the grid(s) that need to be claimed.