Asking for unban

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    • Asking for unban


      First of all I want to apologize for the mistake that I made yesterday.
      I join the server without reading the rules.
      When I see a nice castle I attacked the claim in order to claim it myself without breaking anything in the castle.
      My friend told me that it was forbiden. It was at this moment I realise my mistake.
      So I remove my claim and unclaim the bed but the error was already done.
      I try to connect on the server today and I saw that I was banned.

      I come to you to ask an unban. I completely recognize my fault and I already read all the rules and I engage to respect all of them I you give me a second chance.
      I am someone who love RP I have 3000h playing in altis life server so I can be very implicate in the server.

      Please give me this second chance, I swear you will not regret it.

      If you want I can join de teamspeak to talk about it.

      ps : Sorry I don't now the exact place where I should post this
      Jamie WATERMAN, french engineer, vassal of the lord of Levos

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