Home disappeared

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    • Home disappeared

      Yesterday (17-4-2019 at 22 pm) when I logged in I found my house had disappeared, only a few walls remain. It was at Umbril, Region B,8, Area D,3. The area was (and still it's) claimed although there´s no claim block. I also walked through the area yesterday at 15 pm more less, so I don't know why it disappeared. Now if you go to that zone you can see the sharp of the house in the mountain, but no blocks.

      Any help?
    • If you were on the discord of our server you would know that there is a bug which causes grids ( or chunks containing the grid) to vanish.
      We have suggested people to BP their bases incase this happens so admins can paste it back in for you.

      Atm we can't do anything against this bug, so sorry for the inconvenience.
      If you see an Admin or moderator online on the server you can ask them for some free supplies to help rebuild.
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