Ultramar Kingdom

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    • Ultramar Kingdom

      The Ultramar Kingdom House recruit.

      The House claim Bar Hadur territory.

      House Organisation


      Castellans reigns and protects a sector with a great Castle (stone made, hard to take, claimed area, and can welcome other members). They are warmaster, can manage members and diplomacy.


      Captains are under the command of the Castellan of their sector. They can setup in Castellan Castle or make their own castle, outpost, camp, house, tower, … in the sector of their Castellan. They managed members.


      Members are accepted apprentice. They have access to Maccrage Castle. They can choose the way they want to follow : special ranks, Captain, Castellan.


      As long as they are not validated (basics of the game, etc) the new who want to join the Chapter are Apprentice. To avoid collapsing or other problems they cant access lonely the castles of the castellans and the Maccrage Castle. The other spawn area are open.

      Special Ranks

      Special fonctions could be needed and allow members to dont establishe themselves at a Castle or any camp. In this case, they can moove all over the Kingdom.

      Administrator : Collect and pay taxes, set up the house messages and take care about stocks (foods, logs, etc).

      Chaplain : Specialised recruiter that can septup in recruitement camps open for all. They manage members and diplomacy.

      Specilised engineer : Well skilled engineer that can make special mechanic construction or building.

      Farmer : Specialised in making automatic farming and farm.

      Slave : help for basic task.