Wanted on Sight in Levos - Wolfie

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    • Add to that Orbital Melon. He is a coward that stole iron and money before I had defenses up ( I just started an hour or 2 before) , attacked me for no reason and destroyed my property.

      When I came back into the server 30 minutes later (server was full), he was still there and busy destroying my Research table. He had already destroyed my smithy, workbench, spinner, and all other equipement and took the contents - while I was offline.

      He deserves to be banned. But otherwise I will attack him, any friends he makes, and any building he makes. I believe I now have the right to destroy his stuff while he is offline as well. No Mercy for offline griefers.

      Update:Orbital seems to be behaving now. He made some friends and is building at a claim. He might never be my friend, but not going to insist he gets banned for one incident.
      We do have at least one other offline raider that is still active though, just not sure who it is.

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    • This morning I logging in and someone broke in to my castle, stole all my iron and money again... While I was offline.
      I have a strong suspision who did this but no proof.

      There where at least 2 or 3 people offline griefing yesterday, including Shads place. Can we PLEASE ban these fuckers?!?

      I just discovered he also destroyed my apple tree, that will take days to recover from.

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