Clang vs Akuukis' farm

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    • Clang vs Akuukis' farm

      Clang vs Akuukis' farm (Saturday 11pm - 3am, UTC+2)

      From rumors I have learn that Clang is the allmighty nemesis. Strikes unexpected, and at scale. Cannot be killed nor run away. Sounds scary, but rumors are nothing compared to meeting Clang itself face to face. And Saturday he came..

      Saturday morning. Akuukis logs in happily to build and engineer for the whole day. Finally spare time. Second farm gets finished that yields 1k wheat per harvest. Farm house gets extended and furnished in all three floors. Stockpiles get filled. Palisades are put up here and there. And oh, the stoneworks, finally the first stone tower get built. New and old friends are met, and tours are made around area. On top of all constructions, there's rich gold surplus provided from farms.

      Server crashes. It's around 10pm, server is back shiftly but noone has idea why happen. Oh, Clang does know what happened - he just made sure everyone notices his arrival! 5 minutes later, just right after when Akuukis stores next farm income in lockbox on 2nd floor and leaves farmhouse, it explodes the farmhouse inside out. Akuukis is safe and sound, but almost was caught in falling debris next in from of farm house. Front half of house has collapsed, rendering the other building blocks dynamic. In his innocence in dealings with Clang, after several minutes when lags are gone, Akuukis together with other in global chat blames structure integrity due to several chests of resources stored in attic. Sadly the house has to be rebuilt - few floor blocks sticked to now-repaired house blocks, but not every floor block and none of wall blocks. Luckily, none of chests or barrels were destroyed but only scattered around, furthest being roughly 5 blocks away. Meanwhile, every few minutes something breaks of backside of 3-story farmhouse.

      Akuukis continues as usual, places bed nearby on grass and carries scattered containers back under the roof in the floor level, until he will rebuild the house after finishing the planning of area. Bad, bad decision, late late in the evening. The plan was to layout the base of castle and all other houses next to it. So he place wooden support blocks or stone blocks, nicely counting widths and depths of structures so that everything perfectly aligns on the same grid layout. Almost finished and very eager about new plans, the corners of last two buildings didn't came together - it looked like perfect 1 block space between them, but impossible to place the block. So he destroyed one block left, and now it is possible to place in that space. Ok, rebuild block on left and destroy block on right, again its possible. Somehow in some order he managed to put down all three blocks. It's done, except for another badly though corner nearby with wall that Akuukis thought to fix before building everything up. So he destroyed one block that was in middle of other blocks, but realised that he can't put a block back into that stop where block was lying 3 seconds before. Again trying that leftblock rightblock strategy, he didn't manage to fix that corner until...

      Clang hits hard. First, he pushes to the kneels FPS of Akuukis client below 1. Second, he starts to shake half of area's structures including farmhouse, 2nd farm, inner wall section, west wall section and stone tower. Third, he makes sure everyone feels his allmightyness and streches around the globe denial of interactivity. People starts to cry in chat that they can't interact with anything. Akuukis sits back in awe but flash of gold-full-chest in middle of clanging house got him back to reality - Clang hits where it hurts most. Akuukis runs (more teleports than runs from PC point of view) to the house, barely gets inside the shaking doors and founds it amazing that containers within the house are not affected by Clang. He got the treasure and logs out immediately, because that 1 FPS now is more like 0.2 FPS and grid of where its supposed to be by more than 5 blocks. The view is disastrous too - every structure that's supposed to be static is breaking apart from itself, while people in chat are crying that they can't interact with world and calls to stop. Except that one guy who just says "simspeed is stable 1.0, there are no problems".

      Akuukis relogs. Happy to have storage off clanging structures, he stores the treasure there and is forced to logout again. It's impossible to stay logged in for more than few minutes because clang and lags gets unhandleable. Akuukis weights the situation:
      1. Planning is known by heart - everything is connected by blocks, but clanging is only larger part of it. Ahh, but those two problematic places mentioned above - those two together are *the borderline* between clanging structures and non-affected structures.
      2. "Simspeed is stable 1.0", also after relogging structures are where they are supposed to be - to server thinks that nothing bad has happened, that should be only in client side.
      3. Dynamic blocks within the house are not affected, nor the farming equipment, but static blocks are affected - so probably under the hood ME has a concept of grid like SE and clang attacks grids, not areas. Just like in SE.
      4. I have lots of object around, so loading them takes a while, even longer that respawn dialog pops up. Until all grids are loaded, there are no logs, only impassable invisible spots.

      Attack the Clang! The strategy is clear: split clanging grid. Smaller clanging grid is always better than bigger clanging grid. Tactics are as follows: respawn ASAP before grids are loaded, get in position next to connecting block, equip mallet, wait for clanging grid to load, deconstruct connecting block, log out, repeat. If connecting block is under ground then shovel "over there" before grid loads. If clanged grid loads first, just log out.

      Clang is hit! The strategy has worked - after splitting of house from other blocks it isn't clanging anymore. My house is freed from Clang, hooray! Although, it was wrecked already before so in fact whatever. But this gave experience and hope, the mostly needed thing when fighting invisible enemy that follows no rules of I know about. The next goes inner wall section, and the rest keeps clanging, but wall section is wrecked. Then I split square farm's barn from west wall section and tower, and square farm's barn keeps clanging, but wall and tower is wrecked but still standing. MeanwhileThen I split barn in half, and..

      Clang is defeated! In contract to other splits, both sides of barn just disappears from existence after next relog, and clang is gone too. It took time (1-2 hours) and turned every useful structure into wreckage to be deconstructed and rebuilt, but farming equipment were intact and resources saved. The area afterwards looked very very sad, especially that only stone tower that more angled than pisa tower.

      I am rebuilding and welcome everyone to join my Farm Village. Now it has history, and you want to live in historic place! We will farm together, build together and go on attack Clang together :)

      P.S. Few takeaways acquired by experience:
      - Aim mallet so that it looks to where connecting block is supposed to be, through any of clanging grid's blocks. Because otherwise its deconstructing empty air and no good. Or client just doesn't show the interaction. Sometimes need to take another position, but as moving is very laggy and tricky so it was better to keep aiming and wait for randomness to be on my side, otherwise relog.
      - Next time its better to build every structure on its own grid, including every section of palisades.
      - Timber is not affected, nor anything that may be legally dynamic. Use it to your advantage to connect seperate grids.
      - Probably making a long grid, then splitting the middle of it, and trying to reconnect weeks later is a way to summon clang. Don't do it.
      - Generally, don't build big grids.
      - Keep in mind structure integrity - consequences of it are deadly for the grid, rendering all of it dynamic.