What Systemstats are a minimum requirement for a Friend to play ME

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    • What Systemstats are a minimum requirement for a Friend to play ME

      Hello fellow engineers.
      Now that a second Server is up, I would actually love to get into the game again. But I don't wanna do it alone.

      I have some friends that might be into the game but before they purchase it, what is a minimum for system requirements. Because both of them only have notebooks at there hand. So I don't know if it is even possible for them to play the game.

      So I'm interested if anybody of you even is playing on a low end computer or notebook and what your experience is with it. Thanks in regards. :thumbsup:
    • I play as well on a notebook, so to give you an example:

      CPU: Intel i7-4500U
      RAM: 8GB
      Graphics: AMD Radeon 8850M with 2GB GDDR5
      HDD is a SSD

      The game is playable for me but if I join bigger servers I can just play on medium settings
      and no shadows, otherwise the game starts to lag a bit. (using no shadows makes it a bit ugly, but you can see better at nights,
      but using them will give you less than 30fps)
    • @GeSp_shad tank's for he link but I have my experiences with keenswh's minimum requirement. Have a look at the requirements for Space Engineers I think we can all agree that those are a joke.

      @GeSp_Maxwell thank you for your Feedback that gives me a real world comparison to whats needed. I think my college can life with a bit of ugly Graphics (We still play Age of Empires II together..well the "HD" version :-D. But he will definitely not agree with FPS under 30. Neither would I.

      When Sim Speed or FPS drops too low its time to make a break till the server restarts. ;)