Redesigned Stone Building Materials back into the game

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    • Redesigned Stone Building Materials back into the game


      I want to add the Redesigned Stone Building Materials mod back into the game for the following reasons:
      • makes building more complex and interesting
      • gives dirt and small stones a use again
      • makes the world more durable
        • building takes slightly more effort (mining dirt, stones, carrying more materials)
        • save file grows slower -> shorter download time, better simspeeds
      When I was playing with this mod for the first time, I thought, it would be really hard and tedious to construct anything. But after a while, I noticed, that it gives a better, intensive gaming experience, because it makes you even prouder to your creation than you were before already.
      When adding this mod, I will further increase the inventory size to 35 slots, rather than 27.


      EDIT: After testing it on the server again, it made problems with existing constructions. So for the moment, this mod is off the table :whistling: .

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