Hello world ... Clang to be lavishly praised

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    • Hello world ... Clang to be lavishly praised

      Due to hardware I had to pause in ME for quite a while. So I'm a relict from times when the world was still flat and square, had many deers but no women... Quite soon I went on to try online game and survival. Found this server and the last 10 days of gaming worked really fine as it can and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope that server will last.

      Playing ME for a longer time I got used to changes and developpers fiddling, yes I learned to love it, though sometimes: Once upon a time ME had round pillars and after they were depractated half of my architecture was spoiled ... results it's a game for people who like to make a new start from time to time.

      Actually I'm happy with building a castle with village down in Darios where I found a real lovely piece of land. I'm not out on war at the moment as warfare needs vast resources and stock, as there won't be much time to collect flowers and cook dishes once being at war. So - building is the game of the day and that includes DIGGING. Slow by slow I learned to do some environmental friendly digging placing mines and dungeons on the ugly remains of intensive mining. When I think that my land has become interesting enough for a holiday with dungeon excursions and catapult shooting I'll surely invite ... CU :thumbsup:

      One thing from chats to clear up:
      ATTACKING GOAST TREES: Once I had chopped a tree and was just filleting it when another tree fell on me from behind and killed me. Later this happened again - the thing was that I've been chopping into the green and instead of filleting I had cut down another tree which than naturally fell down - no killer goast trees to fear.