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  • Tenhur -

    Hi McCooly.

    Just found your application to our house. Sorry if it's been there for a while didn't mean to make you wait.

    The Golden brotherhood has many claims but our capital is the Rock. You can spawn at the courtyard (F/E4/B1), spawning at other parts of the rock and you will find yourself tumbling down a mountain. You are free to use "some" of our resources and tools (as long as there's enough). But plz help out some time's if you do and restock some. Most of the house is shared but some parts are more private (owned and build by a single player) than others, so be mind full of that.

    Iron mine at the Pebble. (Spawn at pebble's path F/E4/H10 the others will spawn you at the side of a mountain (Tenhur's Build))
    Iron works (courtyard C3's build)
    Stone down in the well (You can jump into the well and fast travel back up (courtyard Tenhur's Build)
    Wood (lumber) at the mill (courtyard Tenhur's Build)
    Gold can be found at the Bronzefort F/E3/D8 (Tenhur's Build)
    Clay, hide's and scrolls at the Oasis F/D3/J10 (Tenhur's Build)
    Food (Just about all over the place C3)
    Flax and Wheat at the farm mill (courtyard C3's build)

    Some simple common sens things. Plz don't make a mess mining, close the doors behind you and don't start any wars

    We have our own channel on the Discord server, you can join us there is you want. (don't know if your on there already because i can't find your name otherwise I wold have added you already).

    On behalf of the counsel (Athelus, C3tron and myself)
    I Welcome you to the Golden Brotherhood.

    Haven't used the forum to send direct messages B4 so Hope this is find it way.