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  • Guderian -

    Hi shad i told that my friend want to join jut Hes banned can you please debann him ?

  • Emma Roid -

    Hi Shad,

    I might have the simspeed bug easally reproducable now.
    Last night I hammered one block on my rear (unfinished) tower and we had the simspeed bug (5 people online at the time).
    This morning I logged in - I was alone on the server - and hammered one block: immediate drop from 1.00 to 0.10.
    If you give a backup to DeepFlame he might be able to debug that.

    In the end I DO think it is simply the amount of blocks in 1 grid, or on 1 claim.

    I will refrain from logging in and building untill further notice. I might have to go in this weekend to pay tax for my claim.


    Emma Roid

    • shad -

      Holy cow, that's it Emma! I just flew over to your place, added another block and it froze. I was already reporting it to DF and we are going to do further testings. But I am afraid your grid is currently dead :P
      Thank you so much!

    • Emma Roid -

      Please just leave my claim as is for now. I won't touch it untill you hear from Keen :).

  • Thales -

    Is this you :D

    • shad -

      What?! Does this guy look like me?? But very interesting video :D

  • Emma Roid -

    Hi Shad, If you wake up: can you give the server a kick? It has been down for several hours now, and it is a Saturday :(

  • Athelus -

    Hey shad! soo.... my castle fell a bit more and the server is laggy as all hell. Thought i should warn you in advance!

  • Emma Roid -

    Hi Shad, can you approve my application? I really would like to build for a few hours as it is the weekend.
    Hope you are online.

  • Filutak -

    Hello Shad, if you don't mind I just write some words here - When the "sim speed topic" is locked.

    I'm sorry if what I wrote sounded somehow offensive or accusingly.
    What I wrote, I wrote on the basis of the information I found here on the forum, on the topic of the forum and partly in the game. Based on the information I did not know what it is the opinion of people from Keene ...

    So I apologize again. I have full confidence in any decision you make :)

    • shad -

      There is nothing to apoloigize for. I just wanted to make it clear for you now. I am sorry if you will lose your builds, but also do I and a lot of other players. But we would be happy to see you on the new world!

  • Emma Roid -

    Hi Shad, I didn't see the sim freeze thing since the update yesterday. But might also just be because there where not many people online.
    Will have another look tonight.

    Update: disregard that: I just logged in this morning and there is low simspeed lol.

    • shad -

      Yeah, the devs also told me, that they could not reproduce this issue with 5 players on their server. So I think it IS a matter of playercount somehow...